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Juniper SRX5600 Services Gateway

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Juniper SRX5600 Services Gateway

Part Number: SRX5600, Refurbished

The SRX5600 Services Gateway is a next-generation security platform ideally suited for service provider, large enterprise, and public sector networks.

The Service Process Card 3 (SPC3) with advanced security acceleration enhances the SRX5600 to deliver the power you need for the most demanding use cases, including high-end data centers, IoT, and 5G.

The extraordinary scalability makes the SRX5600 Services Gateway particularly well suited for securing large enterprise data centers, service provider infrastructures, and next-generation services and applications, as well as enforcing unique per-zone security policies.

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Models Available

SRX5600 chassis includes standard midplane, SRX5K-RE-1800X4, SRX5K-SCBE, 2xAC HC PEM, HC fan tray
SRX5600 chassis includes standard midplane, SRX5K-RE-1800X4, SRX5K-SCBE, 2xDC HC PEM, HC fan tray
SRX5600 configuration includes chassis, enhanced midplane, SRX5K-RE-1800X4, SRX5K-SCB3, 2xHC PEM, HC fan tray

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