Part no: KLAS-VOY-RB28

Klas L3Harris RF-9820S

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Klas L3Harris RF-9820S

Part Number: KLAS-VOY-RB28


Voyager radio brackets allow the easy integration of traditional radio network data into route/ switch/ compute networks implemented by the Voyager range of products.


Key Features

  • Allows ingest of data from ISR and TDL network, analysis using Voyager network modules, and dissemination over line-of-sight networks using MANET or soldier radios
  • Battery backed power when used in a Voyager chassis or as part of the Voyager Tactical Radio IntegrationKit (TRIK™-M)
  • Allows connection of multiple radio networks
  • Voyager Module Battery Bracket (VMBB) provides a means to power a radio bracket from ALI-130 batteries for manpack operation. This is particularly useful for radio + AMP combinations
  • Single handheld MANET/LoS radio in a single slot Voyager bracket
  • Powered from Voyager 1, 2 (all types), 4 (all types), 6, 8, 8+


Click here to download datasheet from Klas.