Part no: NE2552E

Lenovo ThinkSystem NE2552E Flex Switch

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High-speed network connectivity for Lenovo Flex System

Industry-leading 25 / 50 / 100Gb scalability and performance. Delivers more speed for Cloud, SAP, Big Data and Database Flex System applications paired with ThinkSystem QLogic 10 / 25 / 50GbE adapters for low latency.


  • Improved network performance
  • 2.5x-5x greater throughput than 10Gb switch
  • Supports 24x 10Gb / 25Gb or 50Gb per server node
  • Upstream connections up to 100Gb
  • Paired with the ThinkSystem QLogic Ethernet adapters that provide:
    • Unified Fabric Port (UFP) for NIC virtualization
    • Universal Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) for high throughput and low latency


The Lenovo ThinkSystem NE2552E Flex Switch is part of the Lenovo Flex System embedded blade solution family, paired with ThinkSystem QLogic Ethernet adapters, providing the high-speed network connectivity needed for Data Warehouse, SAP, Cloud, and Virtual Desktop solutions.

  • Better together – The ThinkSystem NE2552E Flex Switch and QLogic Ethernet adapter are solution tested by Lenovo to provide the best integration possible for Lenovo compute, storage, and networking in the data center. Flex System compute, adapter, and switch options, designed to work together result in smooth installations and reliable operations.
  • Better interoperation – The NE2552E interoperates seamlessly with Flex System compute nodes, connecting the latest ThinkSystem SN850 and SN550 nodes and ThinkSystem QLogic Ethernet adapters to the network at speeds up to 100Gb with Universal Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) and Unified Fabric Port (UFP) for lowest latency.
  • Better support – The NE2552E assumes the warranty of the Flex System chassis in which it is installed. Support for all Flex System components is provided by Lenovo award-winning customer service as the single point of contact.
  • Better management – Lenovo XClarity hardware and software provides easy single-pane-of-glass management for Flex System and Lenovo server, storage, and networking products.

Flex System optimized networking

The NE2552E switch and QLogic Ethernet adapters extend Flex System with features, such as:

  • Utilization of the full high-speed chassis midplane bandwidth
  • UFP for NIC virtualization
  • RDMA for high throughput and low latency
  • Chassis Management Module integration
  • Use of efficient Flex System redundant power and adaptive cooling
  • Increased Flex System density with faster ports

Low cost of total ownership

The NE2552E Flex Switch is an extremely cost-effective way to expand and extend Lenovo Flex System.

Adding the NE2552E switch and QLogic Ethernet adapters multiply networking speed 2.5x – 5x vs. 10GbE switches, to connect high-speed ThinkSystem compute nodes, minimizing overbooking concerns.

  • Uses existing Flex System chassis, power and fans
  • Future-ready via the Flex System network upgrade
  • Upgrade compute nodes as needed