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Oracle Sun Netra X1 Server

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Oracle Sun Netra X1 Server

Part Number: N-X1, Refurbished

The Netra X1 server is a single-processor, thin (1U) server designed primarily for use by telecommunications carriers and internet service providers. It is also suitable for use within corporate customer networks, wherever there is a need to maximize the density of high-performance Solaris servers.

Key features

  • Single UltraSPARC™-IIe 400 MHz processor
  • Rackmounting enclosure with single power supply
  • Four DIMM sockets accepting standard 128- or 256-Mbyte PC133 memory modules
  • (giving a maximum of 1 Gbyte of memory)
  • Two 10/100 Mbps RJ-45 Ethernet ports
  • Console/Lights Out Management RJ-45 serial port
  • Second RJ-45 serial port
  • Two USB ports
  • Support for up to two low-profile, 3.5-inch IDE disks