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Oracle Sun Cobalt RaQ 4r web server

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Oracle Sun Cobalt RaQ 4r web server

Part Number: RaQ-4r, Refurbished

The Cobalt RaQ 4 is a server appliance that provides a dedicated Web-hosting platform and offers new capabilities for high-traffic, complex Web sites and e-commerce applications. The RaQ 4 server appliance offers a full suite of Internet services with remote administration capabilities, pre-packaged in a single rack-unit (1RU) industry-standard enclosure. The only difference between the RaQ 4i and RaQ 4r configurations is that the RaQ 4r has two hard disk drives and offers RAID-1 disk mirroring.

Key features

  • Dual hard disk drives Supported
  • RAID-1 support: Available
  • 10/100 BaseT network connectors: 2
  • PCI expansion slot: Available
  • SCSI connector: Supported
  • FrontPage Server Extensions: Supported
  • Active Server Pages (ASP): Supported
  • PHP: Supported
  • SSL: Supported
  • Bandwidth management: Supported
  • InterBase 6.0 relational database: Supported