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Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 High Density Server

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Lenovo ThinkSystem SD650 High Density Server

Part Number: SD650, New

The ThinkSystem SD650 direct water cooled offering is a dense platform from Lenovo that achieves maximum performance with innovative warm-water cooling functionality. The DWC offering includes a dense chassis and two half-wide compute nodes on a compute tray, all fitting in a standard rack.

With direct water cooling, Lenovo drives increased compute density, performance, and cooling efficiency for High Performance Computing and other workloads that require dense compute performance, such as Cloud, Grid, and Analytics. Direct water cooling is achieved by circulating the cooling water directly through cold plates that contact the CPU thermal case, DIMMs, and other high-heat-producing components in the server.

One of the main advantages of direct water cooling is the water can be relatively warm and still be very effective, as water conducts heat much more effectively than air. Depending on the server configuration, 85 – 90% of the heat is removed by water cooling; the rest can easily be managed by a standard computer room air conditioner. With allowable inlet temperatures for the water being as high as 50°C (122°F), in many cases the water can be cooled by using ambient air and chilled water and a heat exchanger is not required.