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Oracle Sun Microsystems Sun Fire 6800 Server Rack

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Oracle Sun Microsystems Sun Fire 6800 Server Rack

Part Number: 6800, Refurbished

The Sun Fire 6800 system has support for six CPU/Memory boards, four I/O assemblies, four Repeater boards and two System Controller boards. Although there are four Repeater boards, they are logically two redundant repeaters (two boards together make up one logical repeater).

Key Features

  • CPU/Memory boards 6
  • CPUs 24
  • Maximum memory 192 Gbytes
  • I/O assemblies 4 (PCI or CompactPCI)
  • System Controller boards 2
  • Repeater boards 4
  • Domains 4
  • maximum Power supplies 6
  • Power requirements 200–240 VAC
  • Redundant cooling Yes
  • Redundant AC input Yes

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