Part no: TDA7-1

Tableau PCIe Card SSD Adapter

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Tableau PCIe Card SSD Adapter

Part Number: TDA7-1


The Tableau PCIe Card Solid-State-Drive (SSD) Adapter enables PCIe Card SSD to securely connect to any PCIe-compatible Tableau product.



  • Image PCIe Card SSDs in a forensically-sound manner when used with the Tableau Forensic Imager, Tableau Forensic PCIe Bridge, or Tableau Forensic Universal Bridge
  • Acquire both AHCI and NVMe PCIe SSDs
  • A PCIe Data and Power Cable connect the adapter to the PCIe-compatible Tableau product
  • A secondary SATA power input provides additional power output, if needed
  • No special OS drivers or tools required for operation


Click here to download datasheet from Tableau.