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Oracle Sun Ultra Enterprise 3000 Server

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Oracle Sun Ultra Enterprise 3000 Server

Part Number: Ultra- 3K, Refurbished

The Ultra Enterprise 3000 system enclosure contains a 4-slot chassis and two built-in disk bays that hold up to 10 disk drives.

Key Features

  • CPU/Memory boards, SBus I/O boards, and Graphics I/O boards: 4 total per system
  • UltraSPARC modules: 6 per system
  • Memory modules: 0, 8, or 16 SIMMs per CPU/Memory board
  • SBus cards: 9 per system
  • Graphics (UPA) cards: 3 per system
  • SCSI tray CD-ROM drive and tape drive bay
  • Disk drives 2 internal disk bays
    • Top Bay 4 Drives
    • Lower bay 6 Drives