Recently we were approached by one of our largest customers who required an urgent upgrade to a HPE 3PAR array – in total an additional 150TB of SSD storage.

To ensure the success of the upgrade whilst also satisfying the customer’s required timeline, the Touchpoint team completed the following process:

  1. Detailed research and consultation
  2. Hardware solution of 24 x 7TB SSDs identified and sourced
  3. Pilot program – Initial install of 4 x SSDs to prove the solution
  4. Supply and installation of remaining 20 x SSDs

The upgrade was completed within a 2 week time frame.

Touchpoint specialises in being able to source, configure, test and deliver enterprise level hardware in short time frames. In this instance these capabilities were crucial for the success of our customer’s project.

If you have time sensitive hardware requirements and need to protect against potential failures and disruptions, call Touchpoint on 02 8424 3500 or contact us here.