Customer Challenge:

The in-house IT services team of a leading provider of electrical and mechanical products, with over 400 stores across the country, were struggling to keep up with the demands of their internal customers. They were being pulled in different directions, and they were not able to focus on their core responsibilities. This was causing delays in service delivery and negatively impacting customer satisfaction.​

Touchpoint Solution:

Our solution involved:

  • Assistance to secure a volume discount on the large amount of equipment required – Dell PCs, laptops, and monitors, Grandstream phones and systems and various peripheral devices
  • Taking delivery of all equipment to be then be held at Touchpoint’s Macquarie Park facility – this included scanning and capture of all series and the building of an asset registry to ensure effect ongoing management of the list of equipment
  • Keeping a copy of four different versions of the customer’s SOE on file and regularly updating these as required
  • Pre-staging testing of device and installation of the applicable SOE prior to delivery
  • High-touch customer service model that includes a personalised phone call to ensure each site was ready to take delivery and then a follow up call to ensure equipment delivered and all equipment working perfectly​

Key Outcomes:

Touchpoint’s solution has delivered huge cost savings and efficiency improvements to the customer. Their IT staff are now freed up to focus on higher value support tasks and the delivery of excellent IT services to their internal customers.