Part no: PTX10016 PTX10008

JUNIPER PTX Series Router PTX10008 and PTX10016

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JUNIPER PTX Series Router PTX10008 and PTX10016

Part Number: PTX10008 and PTX10016


Fast-growing applications such as telco cloud, video, 5G mobility, SD-WAN, and IoT place massive bandwidth demands on the network. To address these demands, network operators are looking toward agile hyperscale networks that provide programmability, scalability, automation, and pervasive security in a single, cost-optimized router. But as your network investments outpace your revenue growth, the need for high-density, high-efficiency 100GbE and 400GbE platforms increases.

The modular, cloud-optimized PTX10008 and PTX10016 Packet Transport Routers address these challenges. They redefine per-slot economics to help you do more with less while simplifying network design and reducing OpEx. With high scalability, inline MACsec, and power efficiency of 0.14W per gigabit, these routers deliver extraordinary capacity for space- and power-constrained peering and collocation facilities, using minimal rack units.

The chassis family shares a common set of components and features, along with a variety of line cards for specific core, edge, routing, and switching applications. You can build a core architecture that optimizes applications for service providers, as well as Data Center Interconnect (DCI) and small or large regional deployments.

Label-switching router (LSR)
Internet peering
Cloud core and edge
Data center spine
Optical convergence

Powered by our custom Triton silicon, the PTX10008 scales to 115.2 Tbps of throughput, delivering the capacity you need for long-term investment protection. Triton silicon, the first 400GbE native MACsec chip, provides no throughput latency, 8 million counters, uncompromised security, and the highest performance in the industry. The PTX10008 modular router is optimized for scale-up and scale-out architectures, enabling enterprises, cloud operators and service providers to grow their IP infrastructures with architectural simplicity, operational efficiency and SDN programmability.

Choose from two configurable PTX10000 models:

PTX10008 delivers unprecedented capacity in a 13 U form factor. It supports 115.2 Tbps per chassis or 345.6 Tbps per standard 19-inch telco rack, and up to 288 400GbE, 576 200GbE, 1152 100GbE, 288 50GbE, 288 40GbE, 288 25GbE, or 1152 10GbE ports in a single chassis.

PTX10016 delivers ultra-high capacity in a 21 U form factor. It supports 48 Tbps per chassis and up to 480 100GbE, 480 40GbE, or 1920 10GbE ports in a single chassis.

Offering the industry’s highest 100GbE and 400GbE port density, the PTX10000 line gives you the power to evolve your core network seamlessly, from existing 10GbE and 100GbE architectures to secure, scalable, programmable 100GbE and 400GbE.


System Capacity

PTX10008: 115.2 Tbps
PTX10016: 48 Tbps
Slot Capacity

PTX10008: 14.4 Tbps
PTX10016: 3 Tbps
Chassis per Rack

PTX10008: 3
PTX10016: 2
Dimensions (W x H x D)

PTX10008: 17.4 x 22.55 x 32 in (44.2 x 57.76 x 81.28 cm) 39.37 in (100 cm) depth with EMI door
PTX10016: 17.4 x 36.65 x 35 in (44.2 x 93.09 x 88.90 cm) 42.40 in. (107.7 cm) depth with EMI door
Maximum Weight

PTX10008: 493 lb (223.62 kg)
PTX10016: 596 lb (270 kg)

PTX10008: Front or center rack mount
PTX10016: Front or center rack mount
Power System Rating (Max)

PTX10008: 200-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
-48 VDC @ 60 A or 80 A

PTX10016: 200-240 VAC / 50-60 Hz
-48 VDC @ 60 A
Operating Temperature

PTX10008: 32° to 115° F (0° to 46° C)
PTX10016: 32° to 115° F (0° to 46° C)
Humidity Relative humidity operating: 5 to 90% (noncondensing)
Altitude No performance degradation to 6562 feet (2000 meters)

PTX10008: 1152/288/1152/576/288
PTX10016: 1920/480/480/NA/NA

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